Launch your own ecommerce website

If you are only selling a product, the Amazon-only approach is perfectly fine. However, if you are building a brand, you need to consider your off-Amazon strategy. People who shop on Amazon think that they are buying from Amazon even though it’s your products that they are buying. All of Amazon’s listings are uniform and designed to give your store zero brand recognition whatsoever, you have to obey their rules when listing your products.

Sending customers back to a web property that you own and control!

• Amazon is getting all of the credit for your sales
• You can never build your own brand on Amazon
• Customers don’t care who they are buying from as long as they find the product they are looking for.

With your own branded site, you have a complete database of every single person who has ever purchased from you.

When you have your own shop, you have the ability to do whatever you want. You Have Much More Product Flexibility With Your Own Shop. What benefits you have, when you own your own e-commerce website?

• You know what they bought.
• You know how much they spent.
• You have their contact information.
• You know what they like.
• You know their shopping patterns.
• You can create a special promotion for all customers who purchased a specific product
• You can alert customers of an upcoming sale
• You can create a lookalike audience in Facebook and advertise to demographically similar customers
• You can build trust by sending your customers useful content
• When you own your own website, you can buy your own advertising, drive traffic directly to your own website and keep 100% of the profits.
• If you want to sell personalized products, so be it.
• If you want to add extra elements to your listing to enhance sales. Do it!
• If you want to add photos within your product descriptions. No problem!

If you were to buy ads for Amazon, not only would you be building up Amazon’s brand and not your own.

Starting your own website is a longer term project than selling on Amazon but the rewards are far greater. Amazon is provides you with instant sales but they can be taken away at any time. In the long run, you need to think about building up your brand and creating an ecommerce business that is built to last.

start your own online business